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With nearly 4o years experience, Artisans du Bois can bring your best ideas for a home or commercial space into stunning reality. Whether its reproducing an entryway from a photo taken in France, designing a library true to form in the style of Louis XIV, or modifying a design in our extensive portfolio. 

We give clients a detailed preview of their proposed design that is viewable from any angle, through the use of computer aided design (CAD) and 3-D rendering software.


We begin every project with the best cuts of hand selected lumber from vetted suppliers. Even the most elaborate ideas become reality with unmatched precision through computer assisted machining (CAM) on a five-axis CNC router. Even with these technological advances, our commitment to authenticity means that we still use many of the same hand tools and processes used by artisans centuries ago.

Although our work can be delivered unfinished, most projects go through a meticulous nine-step hand finishing process that brings out the full depth and character of the wood. 


Artisans du Bois does not directly perform the installations on commercial and residential projects. Partnerships with specialty finishing carpenters throughout the US help us meet our client's unique installation needs, regardless of their location.

These installation specialists are carefully chosen for their experience and expertise in working alongside homeowners, builders, and architects, ensuring that our creations integrate seamlessly within their intended spaces.

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