Who We Are

In 1974 Nick Bruford began his apprenticeship under the tutelage of his father in-law and Swiss master craftsman, André Liardet. Four decades later, the work of Artisans du Bois is an ongoing tribute to timeless European design, structure, and functionality.

Under Bruford’s direction, Artisans du Bois follows the classic tradition of the French menuisier and ébéniste, creating old-world custom doors and projects that leave an indelible impression. With clients throughout the US and abroad, Artisans du Bois collaborates with discriminating homeowners, custom builders, designers, and architects, accommodating requests that range from an entryway to an entire estate.

Although the firm works principally in French and Italian designs, it has extensive experience reproducing styles like Greene & Greene, English, Spanish, and Japanese. Nick Bruford custom designs most of his work; however, the inspiration behind many projects starts with photographs supplied by the client or designer.
At Artisans du Bois, modern technology complements the authentic old-world design and impeccable hand finishing on which the firm built its reputation. Today, the firm delivers unprecedented precision in architectural woodwork with computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided machining (CAM). Utilizing a five axis computer numerically controlled (CNC) router allows measurements accurate to the thousandth of an inch. These cutting-edge processes not only improve structural integrity, but also create shorter lead times and faster installations. 

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